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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair In Boca Raton

Choosing Professional Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair In Boca Raton

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair In Boca Raton

If you have a sub-zero refrigerator, then you obviously bought it intending to never have to worry about the appliance breaking down. Sub-zero refrigerators are made with the best technology to ensure efficacy. However, like any appliance, they too get damaged and need professional appliance repair to continue functioning properly.

If you are a resident of Boca Raton, FL, and need professional appliance repair for your sub-zero fridge, call us at AAA Appliance Service Inc to get efficient services. We are experienced appliance repair specialists who serve the Boca Raton area and the neighboring areas. 

Call us today at (561)-689-8885 and schedule repairs for your refrigerator.

Common Issues With Sub-Zero Refrigerators.

Failure To Cool Items- When a fridge is not cooling items, it is only natural to start panicking and wondering if you need to replace it. Sub-zero fridges are made with a condenser for each of the parts, the freezer, and the refrigerator. If one or both are not cooling items then the problem could be a broken condenser fan motor or the evaporator fan motor. 

Water Leaks Under The Unit- If you notice a pool of water each time that you are near the fridge, then there is an issue with it. This can be caused by;

Cracked water lines

Frozen lines

Clogged drainage lines

A leak in the water tank assembly

Broken valves

The ‘Clean Condenser’ Light Is On – The condenser coils could need cleaning if you notice this. The official recommendation by Sub-Zero manufacturers is to have your condenser coils cleaned every 3 to 6 months. Although this is not a hard procedure, it is possible to fail to have enough time to do it. You can call a professional to do it for you.

Sub Zero Refrigeration Service in Boca RatonWhy Choose Us

AAA Appliance Service Inc is a company that is well-equipped in all ways to provide appliance repair services to the clients. Here are the reasons why;

We Are Experienced

With almost 40 years in the appliance repair business, we are experts in identifying appliance issues and fixing them fast and efficiently. Our knowledge of sub-zero refrigerators is vast, as we have handled various models of sub-zero refrigerators.

We Have Certified Technicians

We only hire skilled and trained personnel to deal with appliance repair issues. You are guaranteed that your refrigerator will be handled by a certified professional so that there is no risk of damage during the job. They also ensure that you will not have to deal with a similar issue in the future.

We Are Available For Emergency Repair

We understand that you may be anxious when your fridge or freezer stops functioning properly, and you need to get the matter handled right away. This is why we have emergency services available to our customers. You can reach us at (561)-689-8885 at any time to hire us for your sub-zero refrigerator repair.

Handling a damaged appliance such as a sub-zero refrigerator always works best if you hire a professional. Do not let the problem get bigger before calling appliance repair services.

Contact AAA Appliance Service today and let us handle the repairs for you.

For more information on how can help you with Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair In Boca Raton, please contact us at (561)-689-8885, or visit us here:

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Sub Zero Refrigeration Service in Boca Raton