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What’s In Your Palm Beach County Dryer Vent?

The West Palm Beach dryer vent cleaning experts are here to help since 1981.

Is your dryer not working like it used to? Does it take one or two full cycles to dry a full laundry load? If so, it may be an issue of your residential dryer vent getting clogged. Every year, AAA Appliance Service cleans dozens and dozens of West Palm Beach dryer vent cleaning, many of which have never been cleaned—ever!


Dryer vents are easy to overlook. Yet the increased electrical output of running a dryer inefficiently costs homes thousands and thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in West Palm Beach
Dirty West Palm Beach Dryer Vent Caused a Bad Fire.

And that’s not even the worst of it. According to FEMA, up to 34 percent of residential fires that occurred due to a dryer would have never happened if their vents were free of gunk. Imagine losing your entire house because you failed to clean this ONE little-known space in your house! We provide clothes dryer vent cleaning service at affordable prices. Schedule a West Palm Beach dryer vent cleaning company today by calling 561-689-8885 today.

Without proper dryer duct cleaning, you’ll eventually see these issues crop up:

  • Airflow reduction to your dryer, forcing it to overhead
  • Add YEARS to your dryer, leading to expensive repair costs
  • Higher electrical bills–$1,000’s a year for households across America
  • A possible hidden fire hazard. It’s like having kindling sitting right above your dryer unit!

Let AAA Appliance Service complete a thorough cleaning of your West Palm Beach dryer vents. It’s quick, affordable, and will eventually pay for itself in electricity costs. We provides dryer vent cleaning service Jupiter to North Broward.

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