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Convection Microwave

Introduction To Convection Microwave: Is It Worth Buying?

The very first microwave has been introduced first last 1965 into households – although not everyone was able to afford it until the 1970s. Ever since microwave ovens have been invented, it has become staple equipment in every kitchen – and everyone mainly relies on it whether for making popcorn, thawing frozen meat, or reheating meals from yesterday. While significantly helpful in most households, some people just don’t have space for it, but a great alternative is a convection microwave. The question is, is it worth buying it than a traditional microwave? Good news – if this is your first time buying a convection mode microwave oven, AAA Appliance Repair has amazing tips and buying advice to help you decide whether this is right for you.

Convection Microwave Defined

A convection microwave oven is a combination of two appliances – microwave and an oven. This means you can use this to reheat food, bake. roast chicken, and enjoy crisp meals with its built-in heating coil and fan. While the convection oven may be similar in size to a microwave oven, it is significantly smaller than a conventional oven and can help you conserve kitchen space since you don’t need to have a separate oven, not to mention that its size alone is compact enough to fit a small countertop.

Convection Microwave Oven: How Does It Work?

Did you know that 90% of homes now have a microwave oven? This kind of technology has revolutionized the food industry and has been creating a huge impact on people’s daily lives. A convection microwave has multiple features as it can work as a microwave oven, a traditional oven, and even lets you minimize the cooking time for your meals.

It contains a magnetron, which is responsible for converting the energy into microwave energy – and just like any other typical microwave oven, water molecules will vibrate. The vibration of water will then cause the food to heat up – which helps warm or cook the food inside the oven. The microwave energy keeps bounding around inside the oven – and when they touch each other, they tend to cancel each other’s energy. This is why you may notice that at times, food is often warmer in the center. This also explains the reason behind units having a turntable – this is to ensure that heat is evenly distributed and the food is heated from the inside out.

Convection Microwave Repair Florida

On the other hand, the convection mode makes use of a fan and heating element to heat the food. This method heats up the food’s interior allowing food to be cooked evenly. Most convection microwaves have built-up preset buttons. This means that you don’t have to do all the guessing as to how much heat is needed, and for how long the food should stay inside the unit. This also lets you switch from convection to microwave mode in between meals.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of A Convection Microwave

Should you purchase a convection microwave? We know it’s hard to decide with all the technical features – so here are the benefits and disadvantages of having one:

The Advantages

  • You instantly get two appliances combined into one – you get to have both convection, microwave oven – or even get the chance to use a combination of the two in-between meal preparation.
  • Quick pre-heating.
  • Consumes less energy compared to a traditional convection oven.
  • Perfect for tiny spaces, which may also be great for condo units and vacation homes.
  • Can be used for baking, reheating food, crisping, browning, and many others!

The Disadvantages

  • Cleaning in between use is required.
  • Interior isn’t as spacious as a traditional oven.
  • Only one dish can be cooked at a time.
  • While it can be used for other foods, it doesn’t have a bottom element which means that it may not work for pies or pizzas.
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