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Parts can fail you, but our five year limited warranty never will.

AAA Appliance Service understands that parts don’t always last as long as we’d all like them to. That’s why we offer an air-tight 5-year limited warranty, to ensure that you NEVER have to pay full price on a replacement part that we installed for you.

Our parts are factory originals—we aren’t in the business of paying for shoddy parts that fall apart in a year or two. Another great reason for buying parts straight from the manufacturer: they’re backed by strong recall policies that can get you a replacement part for FREE.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one! We simply ask that you keep your original receipt from us at the time of installation, and that no one other than AAA Appliance Service repaired or replaced said part in the interim of the part breaking. That’s it!

Our 90-Day Warranty Promise

It gets better. If your part breaks within the first 90 days of installation, we’ll send over a technician to your house for a FREE on-site service call AND replacement part. It doesn’t matter if the repairs are for the same problem, or another problem that is occurring with the same appliance. We’ll take care of it for you!

Within the Year

Should your appliance break within one year of a visit from one of our technicians, we’ll still provide you with a replacement part completely free! Only the service call charge and labor charges will apply.

Within Two Years

Even two years later, AAA Appliance Service will provide discounts for parts that aren’t functioning properly or have stopped working entirely. We offer a 50% discount on the retail price of parts serviced by one of our technicians within a two year period. Only the service call charge and labor charges will apply.

Within Three to Five Years

If you have a dysfunctional part that is giving you trouble, even if it was from a service call we made to your house THREE to FIVE years earlier, we’ll STILL offer a 25% discount on the retail price of the parts! Only the service call charge and labor charges will apply.

Keep in Mind: We CANNOT Cover:

  • Parts that the manufacturer either no longer carries or no longer has available.
  • Parts that have been used for purposes other than what they were intended for. Or parts that were taken off and used commercially.
  • Parts that are damaged due to customer tampering or improper installation or reinstallation.
  • Damage to parts either intentionally or due to neglect.
  • Parts with electrical components that are damaged from power surges or short circuits
  • Damaged parts caused by circuit breaker resets, water valves that are turned on, and replacement house fuses.

We reserve the right to modify our Warranty options without notice. Please contact a customer service representative with any questions.