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Tired of dealing with big appliance service companies with hidden prices, small-print fees, and nickel-and-dime tactics that are nowhere to be found on the website or receipt?


That’s why AAA Appliance Service does it differently. You’ll find every pricing policy, every nuanced payment detail, and every fee right here on this page. We have nothing to hide from our customers. It’s been that way since we opened our doors in 1981, and it’s the same way today.

Our Service Call: We use “service call” to describe one or more trips we take to your home, business, or place of residence, including return visits, as well as the time we spend at said location diagnosing the problem. We offer  a flat rate price for this service call—no surprises—and even provide a FREE service call with a print out of this coupon.

Parts and Labor: Parts and labor are included as a single price in our job rate. We use the MASPG handbook to identify fair prices for parts and labor, and won’t charge you a dime above them.

The “Up to Three” Rule: Ever call an appliance technician out to your home, only to realize that you want them to take a look at more than one thing? It happens a lot! That’s why we offer the “Up to Three” rule. We’ll check on up to three appliances in your home at the time of our visit, proving a complete diagnosis and even repairs if need be.

30 Days of 50% Off After a Visit: We appreciate the customers that do business with AAA Appliance Service. That’s why we offer 50% off any service call you make after a recent visit by one of our technicians—up to 30 days after in fact!

90-Day FREE Reschedule: Don’t you hate it when an appliance is on the fritz and then suddenly—as soon as the technician gets there—it starts working again! How cruel is that? If this happens to you don’t worry! We offer a FREE reschedule of up to 90 days after your appliance magically comes back to life. If there’s a problem, we’ll definitely find it the next time around.

Payment Methods: We accept most credit cards, checks and also accept cash on delivery. Credit cards we accept: Discover, Visa American Express, MasterCard.

Inability to Pay for Service: It happens, a service call can overwhelm you and suddenly you’re facing a bill you were NOT prepared for. In cases where a technician quotes a price that you cannot pay, don’t panic! We may be able to work out a price that will better suit you. And if costs go beyond what you ever expected to pay (due to a major price change with a part, or a part not being easily available), we’ll refund your deposit.

Unavailable Parts: Every now and again, we just don’t have the part we need to complete a job. In instances like this, we’ll order the part we need on the day of our service visit, and return as soon as we have it available (usually around three to ten working days). If you want the part rushed, we can do that. However, an additional express shipping charge will be required.

Warranty Deposits: Due to policies put in place by appliance manufacturers, it’s literally impossible to cancel a part order once we’ve placed it in their store. Therefore, we require that our customers place a deposit down on the part, equal to 50% of the repair cost.

Refunds: We offer customers a complete refund of their deposit if we discover that the parts we’re trying to get simply cannot be found. This kind of problem rarely happens, but just in case, know that you will receive your money back within 10 days of our decision to stop looking for the part.

Coupons and Discounts: You can find our $25 off service coupon here. The coupon is only valid if a customer decides to pay for repairs over $100. Only one coupon can be used for any given service call. Lastly, we offer a 10% discount to service members in the armed forces (both active and retired) as well as firefighters and police officers that serve our community. Thank you for your service!

Voided Warranty: If you have a replacement part on hand and would like us to use that part in the repairs of your appliance, we can do so. However, our warranty is completely voided upon installing your spare part. We simply cannot guarantee that the repair will last under these circumstances.

Pricing Policy and Rates: AAA Appliance Service’s standard service call is $x.yz. This price is $x.yz for military, fire fighters and police officers.

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Looking to take care of that problem sink drain or washer unit on your own? LOVE fixing things up with your own tools? If you’ve got the do-it-yourself itch and all you need is a particular part to finish the job, just give us a call. Chances are we have it at our store!

Our Parts Department is just a phone call away at number. We’re available seven days a week, from x to x. OR, if we’re not currently in, simply order online with our fully-operational online store!

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We ship our orders once a day, by 3:00 P.M. If you have any questions about an order, simply give us a call and we’ll let you know when we put it in the mail for you!