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Appliance Repair in Boca Raton, FL

The worst part of an appliance breaking is not actually replacing the item, but instead, the repair process. Most companies take forever to come out to your home, and charge you for any labor and travel time, as well as spare parts.

By the time your appliance is working again, you’ve spent enough money to buy a new one. For those in the Boca Raton area of Florida, AAA Appliance Repair is here to support every one of your repair needs. Our guarantees not only make us the best choice for all repairs, but ensures that your items will be back to working order without the headache.

We promise:

• Vans Fully Stocked – We don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time by sending out a van that isn’t stocked with tools and supplies needed to conduct and finish a repair. All of our vans are fully stocked and ready for whatever our technicians may encounter. We believe it’s our job to repair your appliances in the fastest and safest manner so that you can get back to living your life as usual.

• Free Service Call With Repair – Most times, if you decide to have us come by and fix your broken appliance, we’ll be happy to waive your service fee. This is just our way of saying thank you for giving us a try, or thank you for picking us again! We don’t think slamming our neighbors with multiple fees is the best way to build our community strong.

• Family Owned, Locally Operated – We wish we could help everyone, but because we can’t, we’ve decided to stick to our local neighbors and ensure that we give them the best service possible. Our technicians treat everyone they help like they’re friends—our care for our neighbors and community is authentic because it’s our community too!

• Technicians Certified – We don’t just hire anyone to come to your home and conduct your repairs. All of our technicians are highly skilled and certified to perform the best repairs in a professional and reliable manner. We won’t waste your time by sending a technician that’s anything but the best.

• No Surprises – We’ll call you before we arrive at your home so that we don’t catch you at a bad time. Surprises are great, as long as they’re wanted, and we’d never want to make any repair call uncomfortable or inconvenient for you. We also believe in financial transparency—we won’t ever surprise you with added fees or surprises services you haven’t agreed to first.

When it comes to repairs, we want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

If something in your home breaks, know that we have your back and are ready to provide you with the fastest and most reliable service possible. Friendly, experienced, and trustworthy, we won’t stop unless you’re completely satisfied with your repairs.