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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair In West Palm Beach, FL

Quality Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair In West Palm Beach, FL

At AAA Appliance Service Inc., we provide high quality and affordable appliance repair service for our clients in West Palm Beach, South Florida. Our excellence in providing a delightful experience for each time a customer comes to us for repair is our decades old achievement. We have been serving the community of South Florida since 1981.

sub-zero refrigerator repair West Palm Beach Florida

Faulty electronic appliances can cause nightmares just when your life was working smoothly, and at the dead of night, as you get to your kitchen to get yourself some snacks, you open the refrigerator or oven and realize they have suddenly stopped working and you stand feeling betrayed. We understand the frustration that come with each time your appliances break down and stop functioning properly.

We also understand that no matter how well or perfectly your refrigerator or freezer works, it can also break down unexpectedly. To avoid such problems, you need maintenance and repair. We have our certified appliance technician just for those moments, to head over to your place after a courtesy call and fix your broken refrigerators and freezers.

A refrigerator not working properly can quickly turn to a nightmare for you as your food items get spoiled and you start losing money. Whether it’s a sub-zero fridge or refrigerator, it can malfunction due to many reasons such as a defrost timer problem, a compressor problem, a condenser fan problem or an air flow problem, etc. whatever maybe the cause of your faulty appliance we always have the most affordable and right solution.

This is because at AAA Appliance Service Inc., we specialize in providing repairs of all types of sub-zero refrigerators and freezers. Some of our most common and frequented repairs of sub-zero refrigerator models are:

1. 550

2. 690F

3. 532

4. 561

5. 542

6. 601R

7. 501F

8. 511

9. 700TC1

10. 796TR

11. 201R

Our skilled and experienced appliance repair technicians guarantees your complete satisfaction every single time we do a repair for you be it a refrigerator, freezer or any other appliance. You can always depend on us for our reliable and same day repair service of sub-zero refrigerators. We have been successfully serving the community of Palm Beach County & North Broward County for the last 37 years. At AAA Appliance Service Inc., we understand that your premium fridge also needs yearly servicing and tune-up to function at optimal condition.

Our technicians remove grime and dirt from condenser coils and fans which can make your refrigerator to overheat. This overheating can cause your refrigerator to break down more often without proper servicing. Our simple and hassle free appliance repair service which includes sub-zero refrigerator repair stops your food spoiling due to temperature fluctuations, water leaking and freezers not producing enough ice or cold air not coming out. At AAA Appliance Service Inc., we have experience of 37 years and counting, of repairing of over two dozen different appliance brands to give you a wonderful satisfaction every time you come to us. So why wait any longer, if you need fast and dependable service from our highly skilled and experienced technicians, to repair your sub-zero refrigerators, freezers or any other appliances in South Florida, call us immediately at 561-689-8885 for same day service or visit us at