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Most Common Dryer Problems And Solutions

Dryer problems can be very frustrating. We’ll assist you in finding a solution.

Erroneous laundry can be rather frustrating. And things get worse when you have a broken dryer.

One among these common dryer problems could be the cause of the clothes that come out of the dryer to remain wet or if the dryer won’t start in the first place.

That is why, in this article, we will tackle the most common dryer problems and solutions, so keep reading to find out more.

Top 7 Common Dryer Problems and Solutions

These are the top seven most common dryer problems that give you a headache, along with possible causes and solutions to get your appliance working again.

The Dryer Vibrates Or Makes Strange Noises

It is most likely the result of a failed glide bearing and dryer drum seal that was making strange noises or vibrating. Frequently overloading or unintentionally loading foreign things into the dryer causes this problem.

Carefully spin the drum after opening the dryer door. As you rotate the drum, listen for noises and see whether it binds up. You must repair the gliding bearing and drum seal if they are damaged.

dryer repair technician in West Palm Beach can be scheduled to come to your house and replace the parts. In several areas, immediate and the following day repair appointments are offered. Put your trust in AAA Appliance Repair West Palm Beach’s skilled technicians to resolve your noisy dryer issue promptly and effectively.

Dryer Not Working

In an electric dryer, a faulty thermal fuse will stop its drive motor from operating. Other potential causes of your dryer not working include a malfunctioning main electrical control board or a door switch that doesn’t sense that the door is closed. A malfunctioning timer, a faulty power cord, or a broken push-to-start switch can also keep the dryer from starting. A malfunctioning motor relay may make starting hard for some dryers since they utilize one to regulate the drive motor.

Make an appointment for repair if your dryer doesn’t start, and we’ll send a technician out immediately to solve the issue.

Dryer Stops Heating

When their dryer stops heating, that’s another major problem most people experience. When this occurs, your dryer loses its value because it cannot dry clothes. When you experience this problem, you should first ensure your dryer is set up correctly. After ruling this out as a potential reason, you’ll have to examine a few internal components of your dryer to determine the cause of the non-heating issue.

When troubleshooting a gas dryer, looking at the flame is the simplest way to start. It must be blue and burning continuously or flickering out; if it isn’t, the igniter or other parts are most likely broken and require professional replacement.

If you are using an electric dryer, check the power supply. To accomplish this, check the circuit breaker first and then see if there is any damage to the cord. Because dryers consume a lot of electricity, it happens frequently when the fuse breaks and has to be changed. Try using your dryer on a different power outlet and see if it works; if it does, your power outlet needs to be fixed if the circuit breaker and cable are fine.

If those solutions prove ineffective, faulty internal parts are probably the source of the issue, requiring a visit by a dryer repair professional.

The Dryer Doesn’t Get The Clothes Dry

If the dryer is heated, a blocked exhaust duct or clogged lint filter may cause the clothes not to dry. An electric dryer’s malfunctioning heating element may cause the device’s inability to heat. The burner in a gas dryer may not heat up if the gas valve coils are weak or there is no gas supply.

First, inspect the exhaust duct system and lint filter. Get the dryer vent system cleaned by our specialist, or clear any obstructions.

Arrange a West Palm Beach dryer repair service if your dryer operates but doesn’t produce any heat, and we’ll dispatch a technician to your house to address the issue.

Dryer Repair Service in West Palm Beach

Dryer Doesn’t Tumble

The next common dryer problem people encounter is when their dryer does not tumble, resulting in the dryer drum not rotating. You must inspect the drive belt if this issue persists. Your dryer won’t function correctly if the drive belt breaks or malfunctions since it helps the dryer drum rotate.

You must remove the dryer’s side panels to inspect the drive belt and determine whether it is faulty or broken. It must be replaced if it is broken. Since changing the belt is a somewhat complicated repair, having a certified expert do it for you is preferable. It is a short fix that most experts can complete; therefore, the cost should be manageable.

Dryer Shuts Off Quickly

Your dryer may stop before its cycle is finished for various reasons. Common issues include a broken motor relay, a malfunctioning push-to-start switch or timer, or a clogged exhaust vent that results in overheating. A malfunctioning electrical circuit board, a weakened door catch, or a broken door strike can be the cause. The drive motor of the dryer may overheat and abruptly stop if it is overloaded.

Take some items out of the dryer if there’s a heavy load of towels or clothes. The dryer motor may turn on and operate correctly once it has cooled.

If the clothes dryer keeps turning off soon after it starts, inspect it and schedule a dryer repair service from an expert to fix the issue.

Clothes Are Wrinkled

When the dryer completes its drying cycle, excessively wrinkled clothes are the second most common problem consumers have with their dryers. Compared to most other issues on this list, this is typically caused by improper laundry sorting, drying a few clothes, overloading the dryer, using the incorrect dryer cycle, or not adding enough fabric softener to the wash. The next time you use the dryer, use the permanent press cycle. Your clothes shouldn’t be wrinkled if you aren’t doing any of those things.

Dryer Overheating

The seventh common dryer problem is overheating. The most common reasons for this problem are a blocked exhaust vent duct and a clogged lint filter. Before beginning every load, clean the lint. Dryer sheet debris from fabric softener can accumulate on the lint screen, obstructing airflow and leading to overheating in the dryer. 

Check for restrictions or clogs in the exhaust vent duct system leading outside your home if the dryer overheats and you are sure the lint filter is clear of any debris. Verify that the damper outside your house is fully open and unobstructed. Examine the flexible vent pipe behind your dryer for any accumulation of lint. Check the vent ducting that leads outside of your house for obstructions. Get the dryer vent duct cleaned by a professional, or clear out any obstructions.

West Palm Beach Dryer Repair

How To Extend The Life Of Your Clothes Dryer?

You may extend its lifespan by having AAA Appliance Repair West Palm Beach do the work by cleaning and maintaining your dryer yearly. The technician doing the dryer repair service will include the following:

  • Inspect the exhaust system. Clothes take longer to dry in the dryer when lint and debris clogs are in the exhaust vent system. A clogged exhaust vent system might also cause clothes within the dryer to overheat. When the vent system gets obstructed, clothes within the dryer may also overheat. The technician will inspect for obstructions, kinks, and leaks.
  • Vacuum the inside and surrounding areas of the dryer. Our appliance repair professional will use a vacuum within the exhaust vent to remove debris and lint. As previously mentioned, exhaust vent clogs result in the dryer overheating and lengthier drying periods for clothing. A fire in the dryer may be caused by lint buildup. The technician removes debris and lint from the dryer inside to avoid fires.
  • Check the heating system. The burner component in the gas dryer or the heating element within an electric dryer will be inspected by a specialist. If there are issues with the burner or heating element, the dryer won’t heat up properly. The technician will look for leaks in the gas line and its connections. A fire may start from a gas leak.
  • Check the dryer drum seals, drum, and drive system. The dryer won’t heat and dry effectively if the drum seals become worn out or broken. The drum may not rotate to tumble and dry the clothing adequately if there are issues involving the drum, drum belt, drum support rollers, and drive motor.
  • Check the moisture sensor. The moisture sensor finds moisture when clothing is tumbled inside the dryer. The dryer may stop while the clothes remain damp when the moisture sensor gets covered in deposits, frequently brought on by dryer sheets. If the sensor is dirty, the technician will clean it.
  • Inspect the electrical connections and power cords. The dryer’s home circuit breaker may trip if the dryer’s wiring or power cord sustains damage. Internal dryer parts like the electronic control board may also sustain damage from a wiring short.
  • Check the operating temperature of the dryer. If a burner or control isn’t heating the air adequately, the dryer won’t dry the clothing correctly. The technician will take the exhaust air’s temperature to verify the heating process.
  • Check controls. The technician will examine control operation regardless of whether your dryer uses an electronic control board or a timer. If the control isn’t functioning properly, your clothing won’t dry in the dryer. Preventing unexpected problems throughout the year can also be achieved by having our trained professionals do a thorough dryer repair service in West Palm Beach. When the technician is doing the annual maintenance on your clothes dryer, they should be able to detect any problems that could cause problems.​​​​​

Final Thoughts

The most common dryer problems covered in this article typically have simple solutions. We won’t suggest that you attempt to repair any of the solutions yourself in your homes, though, as some may be technical. Calling an expert for your dryer repair problems is usually preferable. 

For West Palm Beach homeowners, you might require an expert if your dryer has been giving you problems regularly or if you hear unusual noises or sounds you don’t understand. At AAA Appliance Repair West Palm Beach, we have the best technicians who can offer practical solutions for this job and know the likely causes. Get in touch with us right now for expert dryer repair services!