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How To Repair A Cracked Freezer Drawer

Do you ever ponder whether a freezer drawer that has developed a crack can be repaired?

Have you ever questioned whether it is feasible to replace a cracked drawer?

We have researched and found the solutions for fixing your freezer drawer crack.

It can be fixed just like a pro would. 

The answer is to apply the proper glue, which will depend on the area of the drawer that is cracked, the glue’s tensile strength, and the safety of the food against glues that could be toxic.

You can save money by fixing the drawer in your freezer. To find out how to do it, keep reading.

How do I know if my freezer drawer is cracked?

To determine if your freezer drawer is cracked, you can follow these steps:

  • Visual Inspection: Examine the freezer drawer visually. Look for any visible cracks, splits, or gaps in the plastic or other materials that make up the drawer. Inspect the corners, edges, and sides carefully, as cracks often form in these areas.
  • Physical Examination: Gently run your hand along the surface of the freezer drawer, paying attention to any irregularities or abnormalities. Cracks may sometimes be difficult to see but can be felt by touch. Look out for any rough or jagged edges that could indicate a crack.
  • Condensation or Frost Buildup: If you notice excessive condensation or frost buildup inside your freezer, it could be a sign of a cracked drawer. Check for moisture or ice accumulation around the edges of the drawer or on nearby surfaces. A crack in the drawer could allow warm air to enter, leading to condensation and frost.
  • Water Leakage: If you find water pooling or leaking outside the freezer drawer, it might indicate a crack. Inspect the area around the freezer for any signs of water damage or moisture. Ensure that the water is not coming from a different source, such as a faulty water supply line or a defrost drain issue.
  • Cooling Issues: If your freezer is not maintaining a consistent temperature or if you notice a decline in freezing performance, a cracked drawer could be a possible cause. A crack can affect the insulation and lead to warm air infiltration, compromising the freezer’s ability to maintain low temperatures.

If you suspect that your freezer drawer is cracked based on any of these indicators, it is recommended to take appropriate action. Depending on the severity of the crack, you may need to repair or replace the drawer to ensure optimal freezer performance and prevent further damage.


Can You Glue a Freezer Drawer?

The best answer is glue, which may be used in your freezer drawer without risk. You cannot use any glue at all.

Ensure the glue you utilize is durable enough to withstand the freezing temperatures in your freezer.

Use the glue that best suits the drawer area you are looking at.


Which Adhesives Are the Best for Freezer?

Duct tape, acrylic, and super glue are the most often used adhesives; some are better suited for a freezer than others.

Duct tape isn’t a long-term fix because it won’t hold up in freezing temperatures and won’t have the strength to stick.

Although super glue does well, a two-part epoxy suitable for cold weather is the best adhesive. Due to how quickly it cures, the repairs can endure for a very long period.

The best adhesive dries transparently because it fits in well with the remainder of the fridge.


What Should You Know Before Fixing a Cracked Freezer Drawer?

It would be wise to fix any cracks in your freezer drawer as soon as possible to avoid them becoming worse and more complex.

With a particular glue that’s strong enough to endure frigid temperatures, it is feasible to repair most cracks.

To ensure that the repaired crack blends in with the rest of the drawer, glues are often thicker than the typical type, run less efficiently, and turn clear or nearly transparent.

You must consider both the cracked area of the drawer and the safety of your food if you want to choose a suitable adhesive for your repairs.


Crack in the Drawer

The best adhesive can withstand freezing temperatures if the crack occurs inside the drawer. It will only change once you’ve fixed it.


Freezer Drawer Food Safety

Food Safety

You should buy from an FDA-compliant seller if the crack is at a location where you may be concerned that the glue may come in contact with your food.


Crack outside of the drawer.

You’ll need impact-resistant adhesive if the crack is noticeable on the drawer outside.

Due to its frequent closing and opening, the exterior component is more prone to breaking.


Steps on How To Repair A Cracked Freezer Drawer

If you frequently see your freezer drawers splitting, this could indicate that you need to overload it or that there are other problems with the freezer. Defrosting the freezer and removing everything with a shelf life of more than a year may be beneficial. Doing this can reduce the weight and number of goods in the freezer.

What you’ll need is:

  • Cleaning towel or cloth
  • Epoxy-based adhesive
  • Application stick


Remove the cracked or broken drawer.

First, take the freezer’s drawer out. Before doing so, remove all of the frozen objects from the drawer bar. Before fully removing a freezer drawer, you may need to release a lock on the track’s bottom or a side ridge.

Avoid applying excessive force on the drawer, which could worsen the crack. Slide the drawer out of its position after raising it. Place the drawer on your kitchen counter.


Clean The Freezer Drawer

Clean the drawer

Using a cleaning cloth, the drawer should be cleaned with soapy water and an all-purpose cleaner. Make sure to clean any bits that could have broken off separately. Cleaning off dirt or debris from the drawer’s corners since putting the components back together can be challenging.

It might be necessary to soak the drawer in soapy water for 5–10 minutes if it is particularly unclean. After that, thoroughly clean the drawer with a plastic scrubber or cleaning cloth.

Dry the drawer with a cleaning cloth or dry towel after cleaning it. Before continuing, confirm that the door is dry.


Apply adhesive on the broken pieces.

It’s time to use your glue at this point. The solution must be well mixed before applying the epoxy-based solution to the door. Users frequently need to mix two chemicals in these kits before using them.

You can immediately put it in the drawer if you use super glue or another type of adhesive. Place the drawer on the counter with the cracked portion facing up. It would be best to cover the drawer’s broken edge with adhesive. Apply the broken part to the drawer after that.


Hold the broken parts together.

Hold the broken parts in the drawer for roughly a minute after applying the adhesive. It is a crucial stage in ensuring peace doesn’t break down again.

When you attach two parts, the glue will trickle down the drawer’s side, so ensure the components are aligned to ensure there is not too much on the corners. Remove any extra with a wipe to stop the glue from drying out.


Leave the drawer down so that the adhesive can dry.

Between 30 minutes and two hours should be given for the adhesive to set. The type of glue you use will determine the recommended cure time. Tap the drawer if you want to check if the glue has solidified quickly.


Return the drawer to its original position.

Place the drawer back into the freezer once the adhesive has dried. But wait a couple of hours before restocking it with frozen food.


What Glue Works in a Freezer?

You can use various glue to fix damaged freezer shelves, drawers, and doors. Let’s examine the most popular ones.


Contact Cement

Contact cement, derived from rubber, is ideal for bonding surfaces that might not adhere well to other glue. It works well on non-porous surfaces and can be applied to any household task involving metals, rubber, plastics, or wood. This adhesive forms a strong, durable connection and is frequently used as a long-term fix for minor repairs.


Epoxy-Based Adhesives

Typically, epoxy-based adhesives are packaged in tubes containing the epoxy resin and the hardener. On whichever surface it is applied to, the epoxy will cure after application, solidify, and form a firm, long-lasting bond.

This long-lasting, water-resistant fix works wonders on practically any surface. Epoxy adhesives usually repair plastic parts in your freezer or refrigerator.

Depending on your brand and type, you may need to let the epoxy solution cure for between 1 and 12 hours. Epoxy has the cool property of being rather adaptable, and you’ll discover it’s helpful in various DIY and home repair applications.


Super Glue

In many situations, you could also repair your freezer with super glue. However, use the adhesive carefully because it can quickly get on your fingers and be challenging to remove.

Superglue is ideal for refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances since it works well with plastic, rubber, and metal applications. The nicest part about super glue is that it is among the most affordable adhesives you can buy and that a little goes a long way in creating a solid bond to various surfaces.


Why Do Freezer Drawers Crack?

Due to the weight imposed on them and the freezer’s temperature, freezer drawers frequently split. The shelves and drawers in your freezer will undoubtedly experience a lot of tension if you regularly keep them fully stocked. Additionally, even while some freezer companies design their drawers to be more robust than others, regular use might eventually weaken the materials used to make the drawers.


How Can I Keep My Freezer Drawers From Breaking?

Lightening the load is the greatest approach to stop your freezer drawer from breaking or cracking. Avoid packing the drawer too full of food, and spread the weight equally across the freezer. The heavier goods should go in the freezer’s bottom drawers, while the lighter ones should go in the freezer’s top drawers.

In this manner, the weight on the drawers could be better, making them less prone to break. Additionally, try to defrost your freezer annually to reduce the ice buildup on top of the drawers. That may result in them bearing more weight overall.


Can Freezer Drawers be Replaced?

Yes. You can change the drawers in a freezer. You’ll frequently have to contact the manufacturer or authorized reseller for a replacement. The drawers can be purchased alone or in sets from different resellers. The freezer’s make and model, as well as the reseller, will determine this.


How Come Replacement Freezer Drawers Cost So Much?

Supply and demand are the straightforward solutions to this problem. Instead of purchasing a single drawer, customers are more likely to purchase a complete freezer. Rather than going through the bother of replacing a broken drawer, consumers frequently choose to fix it.



You can stop the drawers in your freezer from splitting. Just be careful not to stuff the drawer too full. It’s also important to remember that after food is frozen, the ice causes it to grow heavier. Therefore, it’s ideal to divide the weight equally into several drawers. If not, spending money on a second chest freezer might be prudent.


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